We are a multi-disciplinary group of designers with a track record of creating amazing and inspiring exhibits for zoos.


Close Encounters with Wildlife

Great zoo exhibits are exciting, adventurous, even a little scary. They put you face to face with the animals, they let you feel you’re part of their world. To us, animals are not just exhibits – they’re individual characters and part of a community that we encourage visitors to feel part of too. (more…)


The Art of Collaboration

We believe great zoo experiences lie in telling a story and creating a journey. Our collaboration means the story and the experience are integrated into the design right from the very beginning of the process. The interpretation, the landscape design, the architecture, and other design elements are all manifestations of an overall vision that we all share. (more…)


Communicating the Conservation Message

We know how important zoos are in educating people about conservation. We aim to give people the opportunity to make a connection with wildlife and their habitats in zoos and the chance to understand the issues and problems facing them. That way, we hope, they will be motivated to act to do something to help in whatever way they can. (more…)


Creating an Environment

Visiting a zoo is about being transported to another world – a world where you are confronted by nature in all its beauty, adventure and mystery. A world where you are surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of various environments – the desert, the rainforest, the savannah or the sea. (more…)


Understanding Animal Needs

How do animals use an enclosure?
What needs do they have to move, climb, swing, play?
What elements will and activities will keep them stimulated during the day? (more…)


Amazing Buildings and Structures

We believe zoo architecture is an integral part of the exhibit experience and the journey. Buildings are part of the landscape and, designed well, they show how to achieve conservation aims even with a built environment.In the hands of Phil Snowdon, our architect, they also delight and intrigue. (more…)