How do animals use an enclosure?
What needs do they have to move, climb, swing, play?
What elements and activities will keep them stimulated during the day?

We involve keepers and life scientists right from the beginning of the design process to get an insight into whether our ideas are going to be viable, and so they can offer their insights into ways we can make our designs work better. Our animal behaviourist Madelon Willemson is a specialist in consulting with keepers in understanding their species’ welfare needs and psychological and physical requirements. 
 Keepers and life scientists help us understand how to keep their species happy, and how our design can enrich animals’ lives and experience. Keepers can also give us clues as to how best to ‘stage’ their animals, how can we deter animals from entering a particular part of an enclosure – and what needs individuals have to get away from visitors and each other.