We know how important zoos are in educating people about conservation. We aim to give people the opportunity to make a connection with wildlife and their habitats in zoos and the chance to understand the issues and problems facing them. That way, we hope, they will be motivated to act to do something to help in whatever way they can.

This Connect-Understand-Act model informs our designs from the very outset. It’s an invaluable platform for teaching ecological understanding and inspiring conservation action.

Our designs enable:

  1. The Close Encounter – designs that encourage close encounters with species
  2. Observation – providing opportunities for insights into animal activities and behaviour
  3. Immersion – design and landscaping features that recreate the habitat of the species, including plantings, water, rocks, lighting and soundscapes
  4. Parallel Play – sculpture and landscaping elements that encourage parallel play, observation and tactile experiences
  5. Story-telling – intimate stories about individuals or community dynamics that we are surprised to learn about and can relate to
  6. Interpretation – that gives visitors a context and an understanding of how animals interact with each other, with their environment and with human beings.