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We are a multi-disciplinary group of designers with a track record of creating amazing and inspiring exhibits for zoos.

Our design team brings together landscape architects Urban Initiatives, architecture firm Snowdon Architects and interpretive and exhibition designers Arterial Design, as well as animal behaviourist Madelon Willemsen, interpretive writer Jenny Gardner, plus a number of specialist consultants.
The Ark team came together as a formal collaboration in 2012 after working together on projects such as ‘The Americas Journey’ at the Werribee Open Range Zoo, and Melbourne Zoo’s Rainforest Entry Exhibit. We generated such a fantastic creative synergy in our work together that we decided to create a permanent collaboration.

Ark’s approach to zoo design is to create extraordinary exhibits that give visitors a life-changing connection with wildlife and their habitats. Our collaboration means we have the creative capacity and range of specialist zoo design skills to take a uniquely holistic integrated approach to zoo exhibit design. 
Our capabilities run from conceptual design to landscape and architectural services, to stakeholder consultation and animal husbandry and welfare. We are also able to draw on the services of specialist consultants in structural design, lighting and electrical engineering, building services and hydraulic design.